Why Marketing Has Become More Important Than Ever

// Before Coronavirus, marketing was important but now, it’s critical to your business’s survival during these uncertain times. Despite lockdown restrictions continuing to ease across the globe, more people are expected

Before Coronavirus, marketing was important but now, it’s critical to your business’s survival during these uncertain times. Despite lockdown restrictions continuing to ease across the globe, more people are expected to head online to undertake their shopping rather than visiting physical stores, especially now that face masks have become mandatory in the UK.

Take Your Marketing To The Next Level

Businesses that didn’t “give up” their marketing efforts within the 4-month down period are now reaping the benefits of doing so – but it’s not too late to get your business back on track if you were forced to make an unexpected change to your marketing. Here’s why marketing has become more important than ever!

Remain At The Top

Regardless of the marketing activities that your business undertakes, the smallest of marketing activity can help you to remain at the top, whether that be in the SERP’s or on social media. With this in mind, continuing to carry out your marketing activities from now can help to give your business that “edge” that it is most likely in need of at a time when businesses are more strongly competing than ever before. Whether you are trying to get leads through the door or generate more revenue from sales, ensuring that your business remains as close to the top can seriously benefit your next business move. Never underestimate the power of marketing!

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Stay Ahead

By keeping your business as close to the top as possible, you’re striving to stay ahead of your competitors, which is exactly what you need to do at a time when competition is becoming fiercer. Whilst the pandemic remains a prominent factor of this, in general marketing concepts are beginning to expand meaning that you need to do more in order to get your business seen. For example, Facebook are hammering down on the organic reach of business-like posts, meaning that businesses are having to turn to paid methods to get their brand seen by their desired target audience.


Maintaining your marketing efforts can lead to a better performance, not just now but in the future too! Businesses who took the pandemic as an opportunity to bid on new keywords have recently experienced the gain of doing so, with many now in the top 3 positions of Google as other businesses attempt to catch up as a result of temporarily pausing their marketing activities. Such businesses have not only achieved a higher performance from doing so now, but also during the pandemic when more people than ever were spending time online in order to pass time, helping them to maintain a good level of visibility and revenue during this period.

Become a leader

Become A Leader

Marketing comes in all shapes, sizes and processes, but the one thing that we can guarantee is that, by successfully marketing your business, you will become a leader within your remit. Marketing your business doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to pay out thousands of pounds to become exactly that, as an in-depth blog post or article providing useful tips and valuable information can easily set you apart from a competitor that is maybe yet to properly venture into the world of content marketing. Essentially, it shows that you know what you’re talking about, providing enough evidence to people that you are the right business for them.

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Improve Trust

Customers like businesses they can trust and, by pausing your marketing efforts when times get tough, people may have lost trust in your ability to withstand an uncertain period. As an agency, this is why we strongly encouraged – and still do encourage – businesses to continue with their day-to-day marketing activities as best they can. Whether that’s updating their Twitter feed once per day or continuing to launch new products, it can all help towards improving customer relationships and gaining new customers!

With more and more businesses competing for the top space in order to take their brand to the next level, marketing has become more important than ever. Whilst it’s not always possible to carry out all marketing activities, and even more so now as businesses continue to recover from the Coronavirus outbreak, the power of marketing should not be underestimated.

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