How We Helped Ruggles Equestrian Achieve A 412.5% Increase In Revenue Via Facebook

// Despite the Coronavirus outbreak, many of our clients have actually seen a rise in the number of sales they are generating month-on-month as a result of more people turning to

Despite the Coronavirus outbreak, many of our clients have actually seen a rise in the number of sales they are generating month-on-month as a result of more people turning to online shopping instead of heading out to physical stores.

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Despite restrictions beginning to ease, the trend continues, with many preferring to place an order through a website due to its ease and convenience. This is especially true as now as face masks are set to become mandatory for all UK-shoppers from the end of the week.

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Throughout the Coronavirus period, we’ve ran numerous successful campaigns including that of Ruggles Equestrian – a leading manufacturer of horse rugs. Find out more about the campaign, below!


Our Client

Ruggles Equestrian is a long-term client of ours and is not only a valued client of the PPC department, but the SEO team, too. More recently, they have also come on board for a brand-new web design, which we’re excited to share as soon as it is live!

They are a leading manufacturer of horse rugs, offering a range of high-quality turnout rugs, stable rugs, fleeces and rug accessories. Ruggles provide said products for all horse types including donkeys and dogs, making the brand the ultimate one stop shop for those in need of various horse rugs and accessories.


The Problem

As a result of the Coronavirus outbreak, numerous horseshows we’re cancelled, meaning that Ruggles lost valuable online visibility during the initial stages of the Pandemic. We needed to act fast in order to ensure that we could maintain the brands visibility whilst increasing the number of purchases made on the website.


The Solution

With this in mind, we boosted our Google Ads Shopping and Search campaigns in order to enhance the number of sales generated during the period and advised our client to expand to paid social media to increase their online purchase and reach a new audience. Our client took this advice on board, agreeing to partake in paid social media activity in an effort to ensure that sales and revenue remained at an all-time high.



The Strategy

We quickly devised a strategy which would enable us to engage the relevant audience, whilst also providing us with the opportunity to reach out to those who are interested in the products Ruggles has available. This included targeting those who were interested in horseback riding and other related terms and retargeting users who had previously visited the website to gently remind them of the items on offer.

We set up a number of Facebook ad campaigns including various catalogue campaigns alongside carousels designed to reflect the season and therefore the products we were promoting. This enabled us to ensure that our ads were relevant and confirm that the demand for such products were high, helping to ensure that we were able to generate an impressive number of sales via the Facebook platform.

To ensure both the PPC and new paid social campaign complemented one another, we went on to optimise the spend within our clients Google Ads account with a combination of search and shopping strategies. We also implemented a shopping paid social campaign in order to reach new audience through dynamic ads and various targeting options.


Diane Ruggles Equestrian testimonial


The campaign flourished from both a PPC and Paid Facebook campaign perspective, providing Ruggles with some of the best results we’ve seen to date despite the Coronavirus outbreak. Check out the campaigns results!



  • 32% increase in Revenue
  • 92% increase in ROAS
  • 15% increase in Purchases


Paid Facebook

  • 5% increase in Purchases
  • 5% increase in Revenue

Even though the Pandemic has caused uncertainty for many businesses, now is not the time to halt on your marketing efforts.

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