How We Helped Big Max Golf To Achieve A 42% Increase In Revenue

// We understand that the pandemic isn’t over just yet, which is why we’re continuing to help our clients come up with new ways to ensure that their businesses remain on

We understand that the pandemic isn’t over just yet, which is why we’re continuing to help our clients come up with new ways to ensure that their businesses remain on track. We’re helping them in every way that we can, ensuring that they have access to the resources they need in order to fulfil their goals on an on-going basis. This has been particularly important over the last few months, as many continue to fight the uncertainty that is being felt throughout the world.

Boost Your Sites Online Visibility

As a full-service digital marketing agency, we’re well versed in the world of SEO and other paid method of marketing, boosting a businesses visibility across a range of platforms. Social media is just one of these platforms, enabling us to reach out to new audiences via targeted campaigns. We’re taking a closer look at one of our most recent campaigns, below.


The Client

Big Max Golf is Europe’s leading golf manufacturer, producing golf bags and other golf equipment which is designed to fit perfectly. After gaining a better understanding of the golf industry and its needs, we were able to identify some of the brands top-selling products which would enable us to effectively strategise our Facebook campaigns.

How We Helped Big Max Golf To Achieve A 42 Increase In Revenue - The campaign

The Campaign

With golf courses remaining open throughout the United States during lockdown, we took this as an opportunity to start driving Big Max Golf’s traffic forward from a social media perspective. With this in mind, we set up a number of Facebook ads which would allow us to promote some of the brands best-selling products.

We devised our campaigns into two separate categories; one which would enable us to target prospect customers and another which would allow us to remarket to users who had previously expressed an interest in the brand such as those who had visited the website or Facebook Page.

After a couple of weeks, these products began to sell out and, due to the pandemic, topping up the stock would take 3-4 weeks. To ensure that we didn’t miss out on any potential sales, we came up with a campaign which would enable people to sign up to a pre-order and be reminded when their product of choice was back in stock by email. This enabled us to continue to capture leads whilst increasing Big Max Golf’s email database, of which could then be used for future marketing campaigns and promotions.


Driving Awareness

During this period, we didn’t want Big Max Golf to miss out on boosting the visibility of their brand, which is why we created a bespoke landing page that we could use to promote Big Max Golf on Facebook.

In line with the current situation, we devised a creative campaign that was lead by the phrase “Walk, Distance, Play Safe” – a reworked slogan that already existed for the brand. This enabled us to capitalise on the ability to continue to play golf despite COVID-19. It has three meanings:

How We Helped Big Max Golf To Achieve A 42 Increase In Revenue

As a result, we were able to maintain the brands visibility across the platform, helping to drive users to the landing page of which they could then find out more about the products Big Max Golf have to offer.


The Results 

As a result of the Facebook campaigns we have set up over the last couple of months, including those we have set up exclusively over the Coronavirus period, we have generated some fantastic results for the business. Here’s just some of the stats to back us up!

  • 42.0% increase in Revenue
  • 22.9% increase in Purchases
  • 37% reduction in Purchase Rate
  • 17.7% reduction in CPM


Heading Into The Future

As the world continues to adjust to the new “normal” we expect to experience a shift in audience demographic. We are keeping a close eye on the changing guidelines across the US including those that may apply to different states. By doing so, we can make sure that our ads continue to apply to users according to their current circumstances in order to drive sales.

In order to avoid ad fatigue, we will continue to update our ad assets and copy on a regular basis. This includes the products of which we are promoting according to stock, season and the latest trends within the industry. By doing so, we will be able to continue enhancing the success of our paid Facebook campaigns.

Get Social With Facebook Paid Marketing

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