How To Boost Your Sales Via Social

// Boosting sales is key, regardless the time of year. After all, we always want to achieve more than we did the previous year and even the previous month. Now, it’s

Boosting sales is key, regardless the time of year. After all, we always want to achieve more than we did the previous year and even the previous month. Now, it’s even easier to promote your products online and actually profit from the platforms themselves. Here, we’re taking a closer look at some of the easiest ways you can boost your sales via social.


Connect With The World


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Make It Easy To Purchase

Numerous social media platforms now feature their own type of “shop” to enable users to easily make a purchase without leaving the platform or app. By making your “Shop”, whether it be a Facebook, Instagram or Pinterest shop easy to navigate and purchase from, you can enhance the experience users have on your platform!

It’s not just about having a Facebook Store set up that can boost your sales via social media. You can use it as an opportunity to promote special sale events, products or even just to promote those that are best sellers on your site.


Create Your Own Hashtag

Users love creativity and, when it comes down to boosting your sales via social, ensuring that you have a hashtag ready for every occasion is key to creating a distinctive brand across social media. Many brands utilise their business name or main product focus within their hashtags, helping to generate greater brand awareness whilst driving users to engage with them on such platforms. Twitter, for example, is an excellent place to create your very first hashtag campaign, as it enables you to easily monitor those who are tapping into it. Why not set up a hashtag campaign the next time you are promoting a discount or hosting a competition?


Create Your Own Hashtag

Hold A Sale

As the weather changes, now could be the perfect time to promote a sale across your social media channels, helping you to drive additional sales whilst shifting the last of last season’s stock. If you’re not quite ready to host an end-of-season sale, consider providing your social media followers with an exclusive discount when they follow you. These days, many brands hide one-off codes and exclusive discounts within their daily Instagram and Facebook Story activity, encouraging users to watch them rather than skip past them. Afterall, it’s a great incentive!


Post Visual Imagery

When it comes to social media, the more visual your profile is, the better! Ensuring that your profile is as visual as possible will make it easier for users to understand the types of products or services you sell, helping them to make an informed decision about your brand before they even click onto your site. Essentially, this is your time to shine! You can make your social media channels as bright and colour and out-of-the-box as you like, helping to creating a personality for your brand. Think videos, animations and infographics!


Promote Your Brands USP’s

Your brands unique selling points (USP’s) is what makes you stand out and when it comes to promoting your product(s) and service(s) on social media, standing out is the key to success! Whilst some brands will have the same USP’s as you, such as free shipping, otherwise may be less aware of the benefits of promoting these, providing you with a profitable opportunity. Some may even update their USP’s according to what they’re promoting such as discounted next day delivery for a limited time.


Promote Your Brands USP’s

Increase The Exposure Of Your Social Media Platforms

When it comes to boosting sales via social, it’s important to make sure that your audience knows where they can find you, highlighting the performance of ensuring your social channels are linked everywhere possible! From including them on the footer of your website and email marketing campaigns, to ensuring that each channel remains up to date so that it appears on your Google My Business profile, there are numerous ways you can make sure each one is as visible as possible. You could even consider linking users from your Facebook Page, for example, to your Instagram feed.

When it comes to boosting your sales via social, there are a few key elements you will need to keep in mind. Remember to think outside of the box and consider what you, as a consumer, would like to see on a business’s Facebook, Instagram, YouTube or Pinterest account!


Build New Relationships & Spark Conversation


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