How We Helped An eCommerce Retailer To Achieve A 340% Increase In Revenue

// Even though lockdown is slowly coming to an end, the pandemic isn’t over just yet. Numerous businesses are still very much uncertain about where they will be heading in the

Even though lockdown is slowly coming to an end, the pandemic isn’t over just yet. Numerous businesses are still very much uncertain about where they will be heading in the future as some sales fall whilst others rise.

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At Absolute Digital Media, we’ve been supporting businesses, small and large, get back on their feet as quickly as possible. In additional to offering free marketing advice at the very start of lockdown, we’re now scheduling in free 15-minute consultations with anyone who may be interested in finding out more about how we can support their business during this challenging time.

How We Helped FootActive Achieve A 340 Increase In Revenue - Ben testimonial

As part of our COVID-19 related efforts, we helped FootActive to pivot their previous marketing strategy in order to ensure the business remained afloat. Find out more about the work we’ve been doing alongside the team at FootActive, below.


Our Client

FootActive are a long-term client of ours and have been a part of the agency for a number of years now. They produce Orthotic Insoles suitable for people who experience regular foot pains, providing specialists products that are physiotherapist approved. This includes Plantar Fasciitis, Metatarsalgia and Achilles Tendonitis.

With this in mind, FootActive’s target audience can be considered “niche”, meaning that we needed to find an efficient way to boost sales during lockdown in order to maintain a healthy number of sales which could be spread across the period. Learn more about how we helped them to adjust.

How We Helped FootActive Achieve A 340 Increase In Revenue - Adjusting to normal

Adjusting To The New Normal

At the start of the lockdown period, we began by identifying the most popular products with the highest revenue. This would help us to ensure that we were able to generate a good return during the period.

We identified that insoles for flat feet and Metatarsagia insoles were two of the top products available to purchase from the FootActive website, which helped us to construct the remainder of our campaign. We were then able to focus our spend on these products, with the aim to reduce cost-per-sale and CPC. In turn, this enabled us to cut wasted spend within the clients CPS.


Setting Up Campaigns For Success

Using a combination of search, shopping and display activity, we were able to utilise Google’s advanced bidding techniques and smart campaigns. This enabled us to optimise bidding, the ad placement and ad message on the likelihood of users expected to make a purchase.

To ensure this would be successful, we also selected a mix of different audiences who were most likely to be interested in the products and therefore convert. This included individuals searching actively in specific markets and optimising activity for different demographics. Using this data, we were then able to narrow our target audience down further in order to capture those who had previously expressed interest in our chosen products.


The Results

As a result of our carefully thought-out campaign, we saw some fantastic results which were somewhat unexpected under the uncertain circumstances. This includes a:

  • 340% increase in Revenue
  • 6% increase in Purchases
  • 9% increase in Conversion Rate
  • 3% reduction in Cost-Per-Sale
  • 2% reduction in CPC


“The team at Absolute Digital Media have been incredibly helpful,”

How We Helped FootActive Achieve A 340 Increase In Revenue Testimonial

Moving Forward With Our Campaign

As lockdown restrictions continue to be lifted across the globe, our teams are keeping a close eye on the ever-changing market, ensuring our two “top products” remain at the top. Should these begin to shift over time, we will re-evaluate our current strategy in order to meet the demand of consumers.

In addition to this, we are also beginning to expand FootActive’s marketing efforts to other channels and platforms in order to further diversify our strategies. This will enable us to find new opportunities outside of Google Ads in order to enhance the overall campaign.

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